Tuesday things.


Doesn’t he look handsome in one of his snazzy new outfits?
Morning everyone!

So, it’s another chilly/flu season winter day when we won’t leave our house. I’m currently on coffee cup #3. Ryland is on Sesame Street episode #2. Bobby is hanging (because what else does an 11 week old do other than poop or eat?).

I did manage to get outside yesterday, sans children, because my mom babysat. I went to Target and planned to grab a few things, and you know how there’s that running joke about #basic women going into Target and basically losing their ever loving minds?

Yeah, that is absolutely realistic. But when you have children and get the chance to go to a Target without  children, I swear it is on another level, like they might as well just shoot you with a tranquilizer dart when you walk in the doors.
The next hour of your life is pretty much guaranteed to be a vague, white blur that will only end when you walk out the doors and realize that you have a shopping cart stacked full of things you don’t remember buying.
It’s just so blissful to shop at Target without children. It makes you want to buy everything in a blind fit of euphoria. Because you don’t have to sprint down the aisles with a toddler perched on the basket like she’s about to do a high dive into the electronics aisle. You don’t have an infant screaming his head off from his carseat at a pitch that is making everyone in the store turn their heads in your direction. You don’t have to throw fistfuls of goldfish at your kids to keep them quiet while you try to remember what you came there for.

You can just walk and peruse and wander the aisles.

Which I did, and of course, bought more than I, ahem, planned to buy.

In all fairness, Bobby did really need some new sleepers. He is a chunky monkey and is rapidly growing out of his 0-3month sizes to the point where the zippers may just pop right off any moment. And since I am lazy and only dress him in one piece sleepers, these are pretty essential. And I mean, look how cute! I am obsessed with Target’s new Cloud Island line (it’s very Etsy chic, if that’s a thing?).


And because at some point he will need to wear separates (to all of his fancy baby events), I had to get him a couple of outfits from the Cat and Jack line. It would be neglectful of me not to.


And clearly I had no choice but to get Ryland a few things, because otherwise she would think I was favoring Bobby and would grow up to kick puppies or star on a reality show.


I mean…how adorable are these shirts. I just can’t even with the llamas.


And after I left the clothing aisle I had to take a quick swing by the Home section. And in my defense I have been looking for cheap but cute and non-breakable plates (we only have our wedding PB plates right now, which are nice, but super heavy and I hate using them for like a random sandwich). And I found these really cute melamine plates for only $2.99 a piece.


So yeah, I did fall victim to a good old fashioned Target blackout. But I don’t think there’s any mom in American who could go to a Target without children and not feel like she’s been temporarily roofied. It’s like the retail equivalent of Valium for the soul (which really should be their new advertising slogan, am I right? Call me Target)

Other than blissful Target trips, I also have gotten into meal salads lately (I know, I know, my life is way too exciting, I need to calm it down).

I basically just prepare a few days worth of lettuce all at once with chopped romaine and kale (and yesterday I added in some Trader Joe’s chopped salad mixes that have brussel sprouts and cabbage and other cruciferous veggies). I also prepared a huge batch of this delicious greek yogurt caesar dressing from Gimme Some Oven. I just left out the parmesan (which pains me, because cheese is one of my nearest and dearest), to make it a little healthier and because I think it still tastes really good without it.

And then when I want a salad I just have to assemble. Usually I throw some protein on it, whatever we have leftover or canned salmon or tuna. And then I need a crunchy topper on my salad so I’ll crumble up some pita chips or tortilla chips. Yum.


In other super thrilling news, we got a new cool mist humidifier for Ryland’s room. We had a warm mist one but now that she’s into everything it was only a matter of time before she figured out how to open the locked chamber and scald herself.

We got one of the Crane tear drop shaped ones, and Ryland thinks we bought her a personal fog machine to turn her room into a the set of This is Spinal Tap. I can’t say I blame her because it is pretty fun. She figured out how to get the top off in about 5 minutes.



On my ever growing list of new things to baby proof now that’s she’s getting taller and smarter is to add a shelf in her room that’s out of reach…

Well friends, that’s our excitement for today. Hope you all are having equally exciting Tuesdays full of Target trips, giant salads, and cool mist humidifiers!


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