Apologies to my husband who will probably kill me for this, but for posterity’s sake I just had to share the above exchange that occurred while I was at work on Saturday.

There are far too many things about this that are amazing, but I think the best part is even after I told him it was a shirt he continued to claim that it must be a dress because it has a frilly base thing. When I got home she was still wearing it (at this point at least for the sake of my baby’s decency her diaper was covered up by little while bloomers, granted not the shorts that actually match it, but baby steps), and my husband continued to exclaim about the improbability of it being a shirt. Shirts do not have FRILLY BASE THINGS!!! That is just ludicrous. Who cares if it ends at her waist and leaves her entire diaper exposed? Still a dress because it has a frill thing!

I mean the man has a point. Do you own any shirts with frilly base things? What kind of tom foolery baby house of couture came up with such an anomaly?

I will say this was a much needed moment of levity on Saturday, because at that point we were still in the thick of Ryland’s hunger/bottle strike. I left in the morning to the sound of her wailing, and that wailing was the background of my thoughts the rest of the day. It’s not so easy to take care of other children when you are worried about your own, and as much as I tried to focus on work I had a hard time when I knew my baby was hungry and screaming. 

But, yesterday, during my 12 hour shift, my baby FINALLY took a damn bottle already. Angels sung. The heavens opened up. A gospel choir flooded into my house (I imagine, I wasn’t there). She took a bottle. In fact she took several bottles. Per my husband’s report half of said bottles dribbled down her front, but I don’t care. It’s progress!!! I don’t have to quit my job. I can leave my baby again before she is a year old without feeling crushing amounts of guilt (actually scratch that, I think crushing amounts of guilt are just par for the course of being a mom). I don’t have to breastfeed her in public if I don’t feel comfortable doing so. At parties I won’t have to go sit by myself in an empty room for 30 minutes while my baby eats. If we drive somewhere far away we don’t have to stop the car every 2-3 hours to let the baby leisurely eat.

Not only did she take a bottle of expressed breast milk but also she also really over-achieved and took formula (because I am a pumping failure and only produce like 5 oz even during a 14 hour day away). We switched to a soy formula, because Ryley has thrown up every time she has taken a milk based formulas, and she didn’t throw up with the soy, which is also very exciting. Even if it does mean she might have a dairy allergy/intolerance which sucks, because I was really planning on stocking my house with massive amounts of cheese and blaming/justifying it on my baby when she is old enough to eat. However this could also explain the previously mentioned toxic waste level toots.

The important thing is I can go to work now (or leave my house for other more fun reasons) without feeling like I am leaving my baby to starve (an exaggeration of course, but that’s how it feels when you leave your crying baby at 5:30am and know you won’t be home to feed her again until 8:30pm). Plus my husband will not go insane (although judging from the aforementioned attempt to dress her in only a shirt based on the nature of its frill design, it might be too late for that). In all seriousness he did a wonderful job taking care of her over 3 very long shifts in the span of 4 days (with some awesome pinch hitting help from my mom). Especially when 2 of those 3 days involved taking care of a baby who wasn’t eating. Ryley and I are both lucky to have him 🙂 

Even if the outfit choices can be…dubious. 

And to celebrate our victory I will shamelessly post far too many adorable pictures of Ryley in her new favorite toy, the jumparoo.

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