Weekend Highlights

Happy Sunday everyone! Just wanted to pop in with a few little weekend highlights. Nothing too exciting around here, but we did manage to enjoy this lovely weather and have a little fun. Ryland and Bobby are both in the midst of, shall we say, challenging spurts (of course Bobby’s is a lot less intense than Ryland’s), so in between the fun times there was a lot of crying and screaming (and they also fussed a little too 🙂 )

On Friday, Ryland’s birthday present finally arrived (yes, her birthday was almost 2 months ago, two words, backorder, or is that one word?) It’s SO stinking cute. And ridiculously and embarrassingly overpriced, but I hope that she’ll use it for a long time.

Crazy hair, don’t care, the motto of her life.

She has been dragging it around the house to various places in the house (it’s super lightweight), including her room, in front of the TV, and on top of our bed.

Starting to perfect the “MOM, I’m just humoring you with a forced smile so take the darn picture already!” face

The Lilly PB Kids crib sheets I ordered also came in finally (and yes, I know, they are about 500 on a scale of 1 to ridiculous, like Palm Beach exploded all over her crib, but they’re also just so cute and fun!)


They look even more ridiculous/adorable on the crib.

Notice the ENORMOUS, comically oversized stuffed dog in the corner. She insists on sleeping with it, even though I keep trying to hide it. There are also typically about 50 other stuffed animals in here. I just removed them so you could see the sheets.

Saturday was a beautiful afternoon so we headed to Goochland’s own Courthouse Creek Cider. I absolutely love this place. It’s family owned, tucked right near the James River in a really pretty part of Goochland that’s all rolling hills and acres upon acres of green farmland. The tasting room is beside the orchard (still in its baby stages), and you really can’t beat the ambiance.


We brought the kiddos and they did fairly well. It’s definitely a kid-friendly place (if you look closely you’ll see a basket and box of cars and trucks by the doors). Ryland did get restless after a while and tried to go swimming in nearby tires filled with filthy bathing/bathroom water for the birds.


She also tried to make friends with a gaggle of ducks and swans (gaggle? herd? too lazy to Google it). One of the swans was NOT a fan of her, understandably. She kept trying to run straight at him and he immediately would start to charge and hiss, and she just laughed and thought it was a cute way of saying hello. I meanwhile scooped her up and fled in the other direction, because swans are terrifying.

Besides the atmosphere, beautiful weather, and great live music, we also thoroughly enjoyed the cider and a delicious cheese board.


It really is some of my favorite cider. It’s crisp and light without being too sweet or too dry. This one had some cherry blended in. SO yummy and refreshing on a warm spring day.

Today we laid low and did some yard stuff and just tried to deal with the occasional demon possessions that have taken over our 2-year-old. She really can flip on a dime and go from the sweetest thing in the world to a total emotional terrorist. It’s disorienting, to say the least.

This is what happens when dada picks out her outfit 😉

The only other highlight from the day was bagels and lox from our favorite, Cupertino’s. I happen to be married to a New Jersian, and he approves of these bagels, so that says a lot.


So that’s our weekend friends. Again nothing super exciting, but just thought I’d pop in and share the highlights. Hope you all had lovely, low key weekends too!

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