Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had lovely weekends. Despite a family cold making the rounds, we still managed to squeeze some fun in over the last few days.

Friday evening R and I had a date night because we had tickets to Rent. Beforehand we headed to The Hof for rooftop dinner and drinks.


It’s a really cool space right in Scott’s Addition, and I am always in favor of rooftops and beer gardens, particularly when they are combined. We got some sausage sandwiches and pretzels to snack on.


While everything was yummy, I will say this place is definitely more about the ambiance and fun than food. I also will say I felt slightly old here. There were definitely some people our age and some older, but overall it had a very college/early 20s feel, particularly the music (you know you’re old when you wish a bar will either turn down/change their music to something more mellow). Nonetheless, it was still really fun, and a nice way to spend a spring Friday evening.

Afterward, we headed to Rent!


It was really good and the cast was super impressive. I will say that a show like Rent is slightly tricky in a space as big as Altria (aka the Landmark Theater aka the Mosque for you Richmond lifers). It’s not a big razzle-dazzle, song and dance kind of musical, and a lot of the beats are more intimate, so I feel like its best venue is a smaller space like the theater where it ran in NYC, or even when I saw it at the Firehouse a few years ago. However, it was still really fun to see it again, and the songs are going to be in my head for months!

Saturday we laid pretty low due to our colds and exhaustion (we didn’t get home until almost midnight from Rent, and considering our bedtime these days tends to fall before sunset, that was challenging, also like I mentioned, we’re kind of old). R worked on the yard a ton, and I stayed inside with the babies and watched a lot of Despicable Me 1, 2, and 3 🙂

We did get outside some because it was absolutely gorgeous out. Ryland had lots of fun with shaving cream again.


We got Hoke Poke for dinner (obsessed) and it was the perfect meal for a cold, because the flavors are bright and bold enough that I could actually taste it (which I can’t say for a lot of food right now). I did the make your own with salmon, spicy aioli, and ALL OF THE TOPPINGS. Even just typing about this right now is making me crave another one big time.


And then on Sunday, we headed over to Ashland for a big family feed. We spent most of the time out back while the kiddos ran around, snacking on chips and salsa and this incredible mango my mom got from Grand Mart (a giant international grocery store that I’m dying to check out).


The only other excitement of the weekend is that I finally gave Bobby a little bit of solid food to try. I had a feeling it wouldn’t go over super well because so far he has reacted with active disgust and horror to anything besides breastmilk we’ve tried to give him (Tylenol, nystatin, formula) I chose sweet potatoes, thinking it might be mild and sweet enough that he’d like it. And well, this was his reaction.


It may take a few attempts…

Hope you are all having a great start to your weeks!





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