Weekend Reset

 Seeing as it’s Tuesday, this is a day late, but let’s just say this week got off to a very, very slow start thanks to a very, very fun weekend. It started off Friday with a family afternoon. We went to the city and enjoyed a crisp and yummy beer outside at the Veil Brewing Company followed by dinner at Ginger Thai and a long walk in Carytown with just the most gorgeous weather (with a little hint of fall coolness in the air, perfection). 
And then on Saturday with a group of my best girlfriends, I went on a Charlottesville wine tasting trip (with a driver from the tour company Wish Wish that picked us up in Richmond and dropped us back off after). 

Picture stolen from my lovely friend, Ellen!


Salt outside of Cville, where we stopped for our picnic lunch


And the delicious lunch itself


Taking tasting very seriously at Veritas


Our last stop


Somehow I ended up with ALL the glasses

It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, great wine, and gorgeous mountain scenery. It was also a day where I realized that a 30 year old mother’s tolerance is not the same as a mid 20 something year old’s tolerance (the last time I did a full day of wine tasting). I will leave the after effects part a little blurry, except to state that it was an important life lesson as a new mother to learn what pregnancy and labor does to your body’s ability to process multiple wine tastings, and that your baby doesn’t care if you have a hangover.

And even though I already knew this, I cannot overstate how awesome my husband is, who did a fantastic job taking care of our baby on Saturday while mama got her wine on. It was really nice to have a day to be silly and (admittedly) irresponsible and just laugh and talk with other women about things other than our children (okay fine about 50% of the conversation came back to kids, but not 100%!). I do think I will go back to my strict 1-2 glasses of wine a day max for quite some time, if not forever.

Oh and don’t worry. I pumped and dumped! And the baby absolutely did not sleep in our bed after a full day of wineries.

On Sunday I hosted a baby shower for one of my beautiful pregnant friends, and we ate a ridiculous amount of sweets and ohhh’d and ahhh’d over cute baby boy things.

And yesterday I spent the entire day being lazy indoors with Ryland while it poured outside.

Our only other important weekend update is that the Era of the Magic Sleepsuit is officially OVER. Last night I put Ryland to bed, and was letting her cry for a few minutes when all of the sudden her cry became really, really pissed off and urgent. I literally ran to her nursery because I knew something was wrong and saw the poor little thing face down in the sleepsuit (which is like the kid in the Christmas Story face down in the snow, not able to move, just beyond pathetic and sad). She was angrily flailing her arms and legs like a little stuck starfish. It was awful and I might have cried a little bit, because I felt so guilty (Mom guilt is not rational, but it is REAL). I quickly rescued her and comforted us both down.

The Sleepsuit website says to stop using it when the baby can flip over in the suit. I knew it was only a matter of time, but I still feel a little panicked that we will have to go it minus the sleepsuit now. And then my husband reminds me that most of the world’s babies sleep without magic sleepsuits. I am fairly confident that babies in tiny villages in Africa do not do the Merlin. Babies slept for thousands of years without it. There was no Middle Ages equivalent to a fluffy marshmallow suit for babies to sleep in. 

We will all be okay. 

More updates to follow, just wanted push a little reset on a crazy weekend and refresh for the week to come! Also stay tuned for my next post for a giveaway! (if you are an RN or healthcare worker it will be right up your alley 🙂 )

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