After two weekends in a row spent recuperating from a nasty sinus infection, I was actually able to enjoy this weekend, and enjoy it we did!


On Saturday morning, Bobby was kind enough to be my 5:30 am alarm and we both lost our collective cools over the Royal Wedding. I know a lot of people think it’s silly or stupid and mock those who got really into it. But I don’t care. There is not a cynical bone in my body when it comes to this wedding. I got really into it. I was just totally swept away in the romanticism of the whole day, by the Amal and George of it all, by those sharp black military uniforms on Harry and William, by the church bells ringing against the sunny British skies, by the friggin’ CASTLE, by the cast of Suits wandering around looking totally bemused and bewildered, by the Queen in her lime green suit, by OPRAH, by Meghan’s beautiful, adorable mother and her poise and composure, by those ridiculously adorable page boys and flower girls.

bridal partyI was here for all of it. And you know what? The news is about 96% total misery/insanity/rage. So I will absolutely take this silly, beautiful cream puff of a news story, this sparkly ethereal dream. I mean, for the love of Pete, watch this video of her entrance into the church, with that dress and that soprano and just try not to get misty. I have watched it many times and have yet to not get moved to near tears by it.

If you’re in a bad mood or jaded or just over it all, please watch this. It’s perfection. Okay and fine, one more video, just because this will also cheer anyone up who is feeling remotely sad.

So fine, we did do more than just watch the Royal Wedding. When I finally peeled myself away from it, we headed outside, drizzle be darned (anyone who lives in the area knows that we had a solid four days of just downpours and a good bit of flooding). At a certain point if you have a toddler you just need to get outside, even if it’s a little damp. Ryland didn’t seem to mind.

fullsizeoutput_14c9 No, that’s not a splotch on your screen. That’s an ink stain on her forehead 😉

I absolutely love these pictures that R snapped of her on our walk as she splashed in the puddles.



Saturday night we had a babysitter, which was SUPER exciting. I am a big believer in the importance of date nights. It literally does not matter where you go. It could be your own backyard after the kids are asleep. But I think alone time with your spouse, without your kids is pretty crucial, especially when babies are little and tend to dominate your entire world. Sure, we always end up spending some of our conversations talking about our kiddos (and checking the video monitors, which are both the best and worst thing to happen to parents pretty much ever), but it’s still nice to remember what it’s like to be a human person who can sit at a nice restaurant and enjoy a cocktail.

We went to the Roosevelt for dinner, which I love even though we haven’t been there in a couple of years, and it was the perfect date night restaurant, lively and fun sophisticated and not a child patron in sight 😉

The cornbread with bourbon butter is out of this world.


And I got a softshell crab sandwich, which I will admit, looks slightly terrifying and very creature from the dark lagoon-esque, but tastes SO good.


After dinner, we went for drinks (I know! For us, this is a BIG night, even though technically it was only about 7:30pm at this point) at Kabana rooftop downtown. I have been wanting to check this place out for a while, but since my bar hopping days have been pretty minimal lately (what with the whole 2 pregnancies in the span of 2.5 years), it took a while.

Richmond has a few rooftop bars now, and while Quirk is elegant and beautiful and the Hof is fun and lively, Kabana hands down has the best view.


My picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. You could see literally all of Richmond from different parts of the bar, the whole skyline, the river, miles and miles beyond the city. It was really stunning to be up so high and see my city from a vantage I have rarely seen it.

Also, the Moscow Mule was delicious. They actually had an entire section of their menu dedicated to Moscow Mules, and while I rarely get cocktails, when I do this is my favorite, so that also scored some points in my book.


Today the fun continued with lunch at the Lebanese Food Festival. We went last year for the first time, and it is quickly becoming my favorite food festival in Richmond (and that’s saying a lot!). The food is awesome. Everyone is super friendly. It’s very efficient and you don’t have to wait in crazy long lines (Greek festival while I love you, I’m looking at you on this one). And it’s also an extremely kid-friendly venue, with a huge playground and tons of space to run. Ryland had a blast and LOVED the food.


And then this afternoon, we took advantage of the sun FINALLY coming out and relaxed and inflated our comically large swimming pool. I put Ryland in one of her sweet new bathing suits from Boden, and unsurprisingly, this little water bug played and splashed and played some more.


K well this has been super long, so I’m going to wrap things up, but I hope you all had lovely, fun weekends and at least some sunshine!

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