8 week update


Literally only the 3rd time in his life he’s been dressed in anything other than footie jammies all day.

So I attempted to do these monthly updates/letters (and here, and here) with Ryland her first year (my track record was not great, I think I skipped quite a few months, sorry Ryland!) And I thought I’d to continue them with Bobby, and hopefully actually do them consistently this time. Because the first year really does fly by, and before I know it Bobby will be a rampaging toddler like his sister. So let us remember this sweet baby phase.

My dear Bobby,

You are 8 weeks old! It feels like we are all just starting to get to know you as you emerge from your squishy newborn blob phase (granted, you were an adorable blob).

You look more and more like a baby versus a newborn. Your blue eyes are getting increasingly focused and alert. Your nose is less and less smooshed. Your cheeks are getting scrumptious. Your chins are doubling. And your little mouth is filling out just like your dada and sister (my thin lipped self will always be a little jealous of this plump lipped family of mine).


Your pout game is on point.

Your bag of tricks is a little low at the moment. I could sugar coat that, but I refuse to be that stereotypical boy mom who over indulges her son and refuses to find a single fault (who are we kidding? I will be that mom.) You don’t “do” a ton but you have some marketable skills. A terrific startle reflex. An excellent range of fart noises.

Oh and you smile now. It’s still somewhat rare and unpredictable, but when it happens it’s so lovely my boy, like stepping into a pool of warm sun on a cold day. You smile that perfect baby smile that only lasts a few weeks, when your whole face cracks wide open with quick, fleeting flashes of pure joy.

You have fairly short llsts of “likes” and “dislikes” right now. Under the dislike category: baths (luckily for you, we only get our acts together enough to do these like once a week max, in our defense it’s winter and you have super dry skin), being startled, when mama lets go of your legs too fast during a diaper change, going too long without eating, and GAS (oh nothing makes you more furious). You like almost everything else.

You are exceptionally mellow and we are so grateful for that. All the things your sissy hated at your age, car rides, not being held, the stroller, tummy time, sleeping anywhere other than attached to mom’s boob, you are fine with. Part of this is necessity since we’re a little occupied with the toddler, but your personality is also clearly just a little more easy going.

I actually keep checking that your head isn’t flat because you spend a good chunk of time in the rock n play and car seat (when we’re out). But luckily for you, your head is perfectly round and beautiful.

You like to eat, and you are both efficient and noisy. I tend to avoid nursing in public because you gulp and snort and generally sound like a frat boy who is doing a keg stand.

You are also very sniffly and snuffly. You caught a cold at 2 weeks and since then have pretty much held onto that mean old congestion. You snortle and chortle and it’s both sad and cute.

You have a big sister. You may have noticed her. Early on you may have suspected she was trying to murder you. And you would have been correct. In her defense your crying (and well entire existence). was confusing and alarming to her at first. She was only 19 months then. She’s 21 months now and much more mature.

She very rarely tries to kill you now (intentionally at least). Now when you cry she springs into action and tries to give you your pacifier. Granted sometimes this means you get a pacifier to the eye or shoved up your nose, but she does it out of love. She likes to give you “hugs” and “kisses”. And whenever you cry, her first response is “Uh Oh!” I think despite her best efforts she has fallen in love with you. And I think (really really hope) you will be such great pals.

You sleep pretty well at night, in 2-4 hour stretches, and also take mega naps during the day which mom really appreciates. Your very favorite place to sleep (besides on someone) is the Rock n Play. You also sleep on almost every car and stroller ride. Like I said you’re a chill little dude.

Except for when you have gas. I’m sorry to keep bringing it up. I know it’s embarrassing, but my word. Your toots can be heard across the room and you seem to use every muscle in your body to pass gas. Your face gets red and contorted and you ball your fists and in general just act like it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in your life.

I feel for you.

I’m also sorry if you’ve been a little neglected. The other one needs a lot of attention and mom sometimes feels terribly guilty that she can’t cuddle and snuggle you for hours. I promise I would if I could.

I hope you’re getting to know us too. I hope you know how loved you are already, how instantly and perfectly you fit in our family, like a puzzle piece we didn’t know was missing.

You’re our Bobby, and we love you so much.

1/22/2018 08:05:54 pm

How sweet! Happy 8 weeks little guy. Our 2nd was 5 months on Saturday and yep, the pictures and updates get harder with no. 2!


1/24/2018 06:38:07 am

Oh absolutely! Poor Bobby has so many fewer baby pics than Ryland did at his age 😉


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