Bobby’s 1st Birthday + Decking the Halls.

So sorry for the lack of posting! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here. November started with a glorious, adults only trip to Mexico for R’s birthday (which deserves its own blog post and will hopefully get one at some point), then continued with my in-laws visiting and Bobby’s (FIRST) birthday (which also deserves its own post, but for now I will just share via the following poorly lit photos)

We went with a Mexican theme, because I wanted an excuse to eat tacos and pretend I was back on a beach with a spicy margarita in hand (even though in reality I was surrounded by children and it was 38 degrees outside).


I did a SUPER easy taco bar, because it’s a great, cheap, crowd-pleasing way to feed a crowd. I did Damn Delicious slow cooker pork shoulder carnitas in my Crock Pot and slow cooker salsa chicken (literally a jar of salsa + chicken tenderloins) in the Instant Pot (any time I host a party I always do something that can be cooked ahead of time). Then I just made a whole bunch of simple, easy toppings.


And to make things even simpler, we did cupcakes from our FAVORITE Carytown Cupcakes. Bobby is technically still dairy free (had a milk issue/allergy since he was 7-8 months-ish that hopefully, he is close to outgrowing), so it was perfect because Carytown Cupcakes makes vegan options. He didn’t seem to mind that it didn’t have butter or eggs 🙂


It was a lovely little party for my sweet lovely boy, and at some point soon I hope to properly commemorate his birthday with a more personal post. But that was just the fast and furious recap.

Catching up to the present, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I spent my holiday chasing after babies, changing approximately 27 diapers, and eating my weight in mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake (so a pretty standard Thursday). My whole extended family gathers every year, and it is a HUGE shindig (we actually counted and there were 50+ people there, 20+ of whom were CHILDREN, so absolutely a madhouse, but the kiddos loved it, Ryland especially 😉 )

Between moving and having two babies in the span of two years, the last several Christmases have been hit or miss in terms of how into decorating I’ve been. I either go really Clark Griswold level nuts or just shrug, throw tinsel on top of tables and call it day. However, this Christmas, I feel like my head is above water for the first time in a while (since Bobby just turned 1), and I definitely got bit with the holiday decor bug.

Wanted to pop in just to share some of the things I’ve found out and about (none of these links are affiliate, because 1. I just really legitimately like it all and 2. I’m lazy)

I got all of this adorable stuff at Target:

-These cute little dish towels from the “dollar section” (kind of a misnomer because most of it is over $1, these were $3 each I believe)


-Also snagged these really cute fake trees (the big ones were $10/pieces, and the little one was just $3 I believe), plus these cute little truck figurines.


I put these together, along with some lanterns I already owned (plus the fake snow covered fir branches and LED light strings from AC Moore), to make a cute little table top scene:


I had a ton of plain garland from previous years, and instead of buying a new, prettier garland (which I originally was going to do), I found a TON of adorable sprigs and decorations at AC Moore (for either 40 cents or 70 cents a piece on crazy sale) and stuck it in the garland to make it pertier.


I did buy one strand of pre-decorated garland there that was 60% off and used it on my front table.


And I got these cute little decorative ball thingies (that’s their exact name) to hang in the windows.


Snagged this cute little rosemary tree at Trader Joe’s (little red bird is from AC Moore)


Our mantle is in full swing with a prelit garland we’ve had, plus our PB stockings (for the kids and George 😉 ), and our little cutouts from previous year’s trees (we’re missing a couple but think they’re somewhere in our ornament box)


We still have to get our tree, but the house feels super festive. It also SMELLS festive thanks to my new candle obsession, the sugar birch Hearth and Home candle from Target. It’s like half (or even less than that) the price of those fancy pants Frasier Fir candles, but it smells almost identical and the smell fills the entire house. It’s been lit pretty constantly since we got it.

It really is the BEST time of the year. I plan to fully enjoy it this year because I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding or working for the first Christmas in A WHILE 🙂

I also have finished almost all of my Christmas shopping online thanks to Black Friday sales, and I’m hoping to post tomorrow to share my favorite sales and gifts before they end!

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