Foundation in!

Whew does Eagle Construction move fast! Barely two weeks after we finalized our selections our foundation is in. It’s basically a big pile of cement, dirt, cinder blocks but it’s our big pile of cement, dirt, and cinder blocks dang it. Fascinating aside the beginnings of a house in the US is nearly identical to the beginnings of a house in Nicaragua (I went on a build with Habitat a couple of years ago and we started our house exactly like this, complete with cinder locks reinforced with rebar, granted the rest of the house on the exterior was cinder blocks and rebar, but I found this very cool because basically it means I have the skills to build my own house, just sayin’ ).

So (drum roll) introducing…our new home/construction site. Let me give you a tour, shall we?

This is the view from the front of the house. I was standing in our “garage” when I took this. To your right will be our porch and front door.

This is the view from the back. The little nook on the right is the bay window in our kitchen nook! I’m so excited to have a nook! And somewhere in the kitchen where the dirt is now will be a DISHWASHER 🙂 And a FARM SINK 🙂 I know that I should be a lot more excited about a lot of things than a dishwasher and a sink. But well, I will probably spend the first day in the new house gazing at them. It may take a while before I actually use the dishwasher instead of treating it like an art installation.
Rob standing in our front hall.
I insisted on a commemorative selfie (we are really good at selfies if you couldn’t tell/this may have been our 3rd selfie attempt in the four years we’ve been together). I also resisted the urge to go buy a bottle of champagne and break it over the cinder blocks, because 1. I had to remind myself that a house and a boat have slightly different rituals and 2. with my luck I would probably end up getting sued when a construction worker stabbed himself on the one piece of glass we couldn’t find. 

Regardless it felt very celebratory to see the beginnings of our house. This may be the only time in my life I build a house so I really want to embrace the whole construction aspect of it. I plan on swinging by the site a good amount.  I’m sure the construction guys wouldn’t be weirded out at all if I set up a lawn chair in the street and watched them work.

But in all seriousness it is a fascinating process. Like I mentioned I have helped build houses out of cinder blocks (and mud and bricks in Africa) but aside from those much more basic types of building my knowledge of construction is pretty much nill. It will be really cool to see a house start from the ground up, especially because one day very soon it will be our home 🙂

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