Friday Five

Happy Friday friends!

We made it to the end of another cold, snowy week (even though in theory this was the first week of spring, a claim of which I am dubious). To celebrate here are what five things I’m obsessed with right now.

1. My blog (re) design. So I know I did the whole big, unveiling a couple of weeks ago with the new blog look and made a big, annoying deal out of it. Well, the more I fiddled with it and looked at it in different browsers (especially mobile), I realized it just wasn’t really quite what I wanted. So I’ve been fiddling more and I changed the theme (again…), and worked on a logo and the colors and basically have been spending WAY too much time tweaking this, and I think it may be just about there 🙂 I think this new theme is SO much more user friendly and clean, especially on a cell phone, and I hope you all agree. Please let me know if there are any broken links/missing pages/etc. because well, I kind of stink at this whole computer thing so I would more than appreciate the feedback!

2. This little nugget had his 4 month check up, and just like with Ryland, I am raising some large, grade A, beefy babies. 17 pounds! He has more than doubled his birth weight in 4 months, and he is growing like a weed. Minus some (minor) concern about his also rapidly expanding head (I told the doctor that I have a big head, his sister has a big head, it runs in the family), he passed with flying colors. The pediatrician’s office now uses a quadrivalent vaccine (where with poor Ryland it was four separate shots) so he only had to have two sticks. I always feel like the nurses there must thing I’m a monster, but as a former peds RN myself, I’m pretty nonchalant/fine with the whole jabbing a sharp needle into my kid. I mean of course I hate that it hurts him and comfort him of course, but I also realize he’s going to forget about it in literally .5 seconds (because a 4-month-old has the memory of a goldfish), and I think vaccines are THE BEST INVENTION since sliced bread. Better even. So bring them on! Give us all the vaccines. I want my kids as vaccinated as possible to protect them from all the anti-vaccination dummies out there 🙂 I thought he might be a little cranky after the vaccines, because some kids are, but then I remembered he’s Bobby. Mellow yellow. Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused levels of chill. The only change was that he slept most of the day. And then woke up from every nap with a droopy/goopy grin.

This is literally the expression he made within seconds of opening his eyes.

3. Avocado toast has made a return to my life.

For some reason, I don’t crave/want avocado toast in the winter. Maybe hibernation mode makes me crave more hearty/comforting things like turkey and cheese (although let’s be honest, I want those all year). But even though it still feels like winter, something about avocado toast with arugula sounded SO good yesterday. It is the easiest/simplest thing in the world and just the best, especially when you sprinkle a little lemon/olive oil/salt & pepper on top. This is probably my favorite way to do avocado toast, with a close second being topped with a fried egg (with a still runny yolk naturally) and tons of Valentina hot sauce.

4. The Love Taza for Target luggage I ordered arrived! Ryland is a big fan and wants to know when our next vacay is so she can use it.

But really, it’s the cutest and I’m obsessed. It’s making me daydream about trips to warm, exotic places. I also LOVE the tote/backpack combo and will start using that as a diaper bag immediately for any longer kid outing in Richmond (that is if it ever gets warm enough to leave our house and we’re not just stuck in some twisted GoT type endless winter).

5. These PB/Banana/Oat “cookie” things.

Since we had a snow day Wednesday, my brain immediately felt the need to bake (what is that? boredom? some primal/cave man instinct to consume carbohydrates in times of severe cold?). I didn’t have much in the way of ingredients and wanted something simple, so I did a “cookie.” Super simple and actually really yummy and a good way to get your kid to eat bananas and oats. I just combined 2 cups of oats + 4 ripe mashed bananas + 1/2 cup PB (could easily do any other kind of nut butter), a drizzle of honey, and like a teaspoon of vanilla. I also threw in a handful of chocolate chips, because well, why not? But you could sub in raisins or nuts or anything else that is a little healthier, or leave them out completely. Then I baked them at 350 for 12 minutes and voila!

So that’s my Friday Five. Hope you all are having a lovely start to your weekend! And please don’t hesitate to give feedback if something on the blog isn’t working!

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