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Hey everyone! Apologies for the lack of posting the last few days. I have a lot of freelance projects going on (which is exciting!) but also means that when I do have time to write, those tend to get prioritized (because while I love this lovely blog of mine, it does not exactly create $). We’ve also had a rough sleep week with Bobby as the sleep training journey has chugged along, and lack of sleep for me = lack of creative energy.

But last night Bobby slept from 6:30-5:30 (cue angels singing and lots and lots of dancing)

Granted, I have zero expectations that will happen again tonight, but still, I’ll enjoy the full night’s sleep because it was lovely. It’s also warm! And sunny! It doesn’t matter that it snowed less than a week ago because it just feels like spring has exploded all over the place and life is more colorful and vibrant right?

So I thought I’d at least attempt to recap some of the highlights of the week:


On Wednesday we had a date night and went to the bar at one of our favorites, Rappahannock! I don’t know if it’s from having little kids at home or what, but R and I have both been very into “bar” dates lately. For one, you don’t have to worry about a reservation (when we got to Rappahnock, even at 5pm on a Wednesday they told us they were totally full for walk-ins). And I think it’s just after being around babies all day, it feels refreshing and carefree to sit at the bar versus a table, like we can pretend for an hour or two that we’re young and unencumbered, and it’s just the first stop in a wide open night of drinks and music and fun. Does anyone else experience that or am I just weird? Also, big bonus, a lot of restaurants only do happy hour at the bar, and I will NEVER pass up a happy hour speical. We polished off 2 dozen of the Old Salts (the BEST oysters on the planet), washed down with an Allagash white (or 2 🙂 ) and I got the rockfish and oyster bourride (pictured above) which I LOVE. The best parts are the poached egg (obviously) and the fact that they grill the bread and it’s all smoky and charred and just super delicious. R got the seafood polenta which he thoroughly enjoyed.


The only bad part about the evening was coming home to find out what my poor mom had put up with while we were out having fun. Bobby refused his bottle (I think there was something wrong with the thawed breastmilk, it was super yellow and smelled funny, any ideas what this could have been?) and wouldn’t go to bed. And then to make life even more fun for my mother, Ryland pooped on the floor (!). So yeah, we owe her, big time.

On Thursday we headed to the mall for an outing. Ryland, as per usual, tried to swan dive into all of the fountains.



She’s also gotten really into taking lovies with her out places now (is this a 2-year-old thing?). She insisted on bringing her ENORMOUS dog (that my brother got her for Christmas) but we at least put our foot down on it staying in the car, because well, look at it:


We’ve been taking advantage of the warm evenings and doing dinner outside on the deck, which is perfect because it means all the mess that usually ends up on our floors from Ryland can now just be hosed down outside.


Yesterday we had lunch outside at Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro, which is literally almost across the street from us. It was only the second time we’ve taken both babies out to a restaurant, and it could not have been a more relaxing, easy meal (which was a shocker, I always, always expect disaster, which I realize is not the best way to go through life and I probably just need to cool it and realize my kids are not (always) beasts incapable of being in polite society. Ryland happily watched Peppa Pig (yes we are those people, judge away! my kid spends the meal quietly eating and I can actually you know, eat my food instead of chasing her around, so yeah, I let her watch shows and will continue to do so until she is old enough to behave (17 or so I think)). I got a delicious quiche and salad. And we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and patio.


It’s also been SUPER exciting to be able to put Bobby in some of his adorable warm-weather outfits. I cannot even with his arms and legs. They’ve been hidden since he was born pretty much and now that they’re out in the light of day, I just want to literally bite every inch of his delicious little body (I restrain myself thankfully, and I know I sound like a straight up serial killer). But just look at these pale, chubby limbs and tell me you don’t want to munch on them a little!


To continue the outdoor lifestyle we’ve been digging lately, last night we grilled burgers and let Ryland do her favorite thing and run around outside naked.


Also of note, it’s officially ROSE SEASON PEOPLE!

I don’t care that it’s right up there in like the top 3 of basic white girl traits. I don’t care one bit. Because it’s delicious and light and tastes like summer in a glass. And I will drink it happily and merrily all spring and summer long 🙂

So that’s been our life lately. Not super exciting but perfect in its easy, warm routine-ness. Add in a little bit better sleep (God willing this continues) and things are really looking up my friends!

Anyone have anything that for them makes spring/summer really feel official? For me, it’s that first glass of wine enjoyed outside, and asparagus and herbs and salads for days. And of course lots of toddler nudity 🙂

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