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Hello everyone! Once again it’s been a little too long since my last post. What can I say? As always, life has been a little busy! But in a good way.

So let’s catch up.

Even though I am super craving fall sweater and hot chocolate weather (I think the kids would say that makes me “basic”, which I don’t totally get, but I guess if enjoying pumpkin flavors and cold weather makes me basic then I fully embrace it), we have been enjoying these little bursts of Indian summers. However it was interesting that the day we chose to do family pics (SO excited to see these) it was literally pushing 90 degrees. That put a slight kibosh on my plans for matching family sweaters (kidding!). It did mean I had to rethink the baby’s outfit (tights + knit cardigans + infant + 88 degree weather = really, really mean). I soldiered on with my boot + cardigan + scarf combo because I am an adult and can pretend, at least for 30 minutes or so.
It DID cool off just in time for our 3rd annual brunswick stew party/oyster roast! Which was perfect timing because stew and oysters really aren’t as enjoyable when you are sweating in the heat. I made an almost literal boatload of stew (way too much of course, but last time I made way too little, so I over compensated). So I had two 6 pound chickens to shred and I dread this part of brunswick stew every year, but I did a little googling and saw that you can shred chicken in a stand up mixer. I was skeptical but it worked! And it worked well and fast! This is a game changer.
We also served a spread of delicious fall themed snacks. Mummy mini hot dogs are literally the laziest hors d’oeuvre ever (wrap some crescent roll dough around a hot dog, bake for 15 min at 375) but they look festive and people generally enjoy pigs in blankets, even if you call them mummy dogs. I also bought dips at Costco and got R to carve out little pumpkins to put the bowls in. Also super easy but cute looking. Especially with a baby to watch while getting ready, I am all for the party short cuts.
I of course neglected to get pictures during the actual party (EVERY SINGLE TIME I FORGET THIS), but I did get one of Ryland in her Halloween costume before the party started (kids were encouraged to come in costume and we had so many adorable little princesses and curious George’s and cows and witches, so mad I didn’t document the adorableness!)
Let’s see what else is new. We’ve still been super in the rolly polly phase of babyhood lately. Still a ways away from crawling but she does like to kick out her arms and legs at the same time while she’s on her belly and wriggle around. I like to say she is practicing her worm move to bust out as a party trick later in life.
We’re also starting to get a little more interactive with George. And luckily George is a golden retriever and is genetically designed to have little kids pull at his tail and hair without getting mad. He does sometimes get annoyed after a while, but the most aggressive move he is capable of is getting up and walking away. That is the golden retriever equivalent of snapping.
One day they will actually be playmates. George especially looks forward to that day.
We are also still really into knee socks. They are kind of my favorite. I take a lot of pleasure out of dressing her in a long sleeved onesie or dress and knee socks and then squeezing/biting her thighs all day long. Total parent creep move.

Don’t you just want to gnaw on her a little? No? Anyone? Just me then?

I found this baby food that combines kale and apples and it is great. Ryland has not been super into the vegetable purees like peas or green beans. But she LOVES this one, because she loves apples and pretty much whenever you combine kale with fruit the fruit flavor dominates (which is why kale smoothies are a thing, because otherwise gross). So she’s happy and I get to feel good that my daughter is eating kale (which besides being a super food is also just super on trend and Gwyneth Paltrow approved, which is really the only thing I care about when it comes to my daughter’s nutrition).
We’ve also started to giggle more, FINALLY. I seek out these baby laughs like I am on a desert island and they are fresh water. They are SO good but elusive. But they are slowly, very slowly, starting to become more common and easier to produce.

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So those are our highlights. Will do my best to update more soon (and more frequently 🙂 ). Happy Thursday everyone!

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