Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

We soaked up the warm weather Sunday with some porch time.

Full disclosure, these pictures look like Ryland is in a lovely mood but most of Sunday she was a big ol’ pain in the butt. In fact I was so desperate for something to distract her and give us some tantrum free time that I ordered chalk, play dough, and crayons off Amazon Now. And thank goodness my gambit paid off and these did keep her occupied for a nice chunk of time.

Once the sun set and we were forced inside the tantrum returned in full force and along with Bobby’s usual evening crankiness (which for him is still pretty mild, basically it’s the only time of day he doesn’t just happily hang out in the Rock n Play), it was one of those nights when making it to bedtime felt like a Herculean task. There may have been some very bad mom moment yells of frustration (I always feel immediately guilty whenever I yell because the perfect mom image in our heads is that gentle, always loving mom who pacifies her children with songs and fairy dust, but I guess in real life we just can’t all be Glinda the Good Witch all the time right?)

But we all survived and Bobby had another awesome night of sleep with only one wake up.

Today was a much busier day. We took Ryland to preschool and she did her usual hysterical cry that makes me leave feeling like I’m the worst. Thank goodness there is photo evidence that she doesn’t just scream the entire 3 hours.

And then it was time for my Self Care Mondays. My BF lives right near Ryland’s preschool so we’ve set up a little deal where she watches Bobby Monday mornings. Particularly with two kids now I am realizing how crucial it is to my sanity to have a tiny bit of Me Time every week. I go back and forth feeling guilty about this and wondering if I should just suck it up and not complain, but then I remind myself that I’m no good to anyone if I’m drained. I need that tiny bit of space to recharge and recenter and I’m working on not feeling guilty about it.

Today I used the time to go to another spin class at Cycle Bar. Once again it was great and kicked my butt. I came in 12th (out of I believe a class of 12).But in the spirit of self care, I remind myself that I did just have a baby two months ago and that it’s OK to be horrendously out of shape

After class I grabbed Bobby and took him to his 2 month well visit. The little chunk is already 14 pounds!! He got his shots like a champ and our sweet pediatrician arranged a little room so I could nurse him immediately after, which made us all feel better.

​Since I was in the area I took advantage and went to Chopt for lunch, which is my absolute new favorite restaurant in Richmond. I just wished we lived closer to it because I would literally go every day. Today I got their destination salad, which was a play off a Banh Mi chicken sandwich. And it was insanely good. I may get it again tomorrow for lunch since I have to go back closer into the city for Ryland’s parent teacher conference (yes apparently they have those when they’re one, I have no unearthly idea what we will discuss, her affinity for dirt? her ability to point to her nose?)

​I spent the afternoon cleaning, doing some laundry, taking care of bills, all that super fun Monday stuff. And now we’re just winding down with bathtime and nice glass of wine for mama.

And that’s pretty much it for my random Monday musings 🙂

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