So about this winter thing…


Clearly startled by the news that it is 2018
Happy New Year’s (one day late) everyone! We continue to live a pretty unexciting life right now because…

And that’s after it warmed up a little. You know what two things don’t mix? Infants and below freezing temperatures. Right now this winter is looking a little daunting to me, because between a super active flu season + these crazy cold temperatures + an infant, we’re going to be stuck in the house, a lot, like a lot, enough to possibly make mama go insane.

Mostly because of this one:


We have had a trying few days with this little girl/wild beast. She has a cold so I’m (hoping) it’s the reason for her sudden shift to the dark arts. I’m usually pretty exhausted by like 7:30am because she’s been waking up somehow already pissed off about life, like scorched earth, violent rampage pissed off. Once we get through these morning demon possessions, the rest of the day I spend waiting for the next infraction on my part or George’s part (he really pisses her off when he does things like steal her food), or the world’s part that will set her off. It’s like working for an incredibly irrational, unpredictable boss who vacillates between wanting to hug you or verbally and physically abuse you. Like I now know what Naomi Campbell’s assistants must feel like, never knowing when some object will be hurled at them. And there’s no predicting any of it, because sometimes all it takes is for me to take her out of her high chair the wrong way or not let her have 2 scones for dinner that sets off a battle royale that lasts an hour.

We’ve been dealing with tantrums for a while now but these have been different: red in the face, almost hyperventilating, never ending tantrums that are almost hilarious in their excess.

I usually don’t know whether to laugh, try to put her in time out, try to console her, or just start screaming and crying right along with her. Again I sincerely hope it’s a (temporary) combination of her cold plus literally being stuck inside all day long (and she is SUCH an outdoor girl), and not just the onset of a toddler personality disorder that will lead us all to heavy drinking.

​On the plus side I have one child who doesn’t ever try to hit me or make me want to hide in a closet eating my feelings in Christmas candy.


Luckily my mom lives nearby so we’ve been able to escape there a lot for a change of scenery. Yesterday morning when we drove there, it was absolutely gorgeous out. The drive is pretty much a straight shoot through rural farmland, and the cold weather turned all of the fields into ice that looked like acres of glitter in the bright sun. 

That may be the only upside to this cold weather though, because right now it feels like this winter is going to be miserable and last FOREVER. Like straight up Games of Thrones level winter misery (and I live in Virginia for God’s sake, I know I’m a huge wuss, I normally don’t mind cold weather and actually usually love winter, but cold weather with a newborn and a toddler feels like this:)

We’re going to have to come up with a lot of indoor activities other than Ryland taking all of R’s ties off the hook in the closet for the 500th time. My main activity the last few days has been a big Christmas clean up/general house clean and reorganization. I think this officially makes me old, but the second Christmas ended I was literally itching to take down all of the decorations and couldn’t even wait until New Year’s.

I know, I know. That makes me a literal Grinch. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas, like fanatical, almost annoying levels of loving Christmas. I used to hate when my mom took down decorations and would have happily had her leave them up until Valentine’s Day. Even before kids as an adult I used to be fine leaving Christmas up for as long as possible. But when you have kids and the house is already cluttered with their crap, there’s something about all of the Christmas crap that just completely loses its charm at midnight on the 25th. It goes from magical winter wonderland to CLUTTER, like a spell wearing off.

So down it all went and my goodness did that feel good, like almost endorphins after a long run good. 

I also have managed to organize my medicine cabinet and spice drawer, so EXCITING times over at our household, lemme tell you. 

The good news is that Ryland starts back up preschool next week (once a week) and my sweet and always super helpful mom is going to take her a couple days this week (R is currently on an 8 day stretch which means I am a single parent from wake up until bed time every day all day) which will help preserve all of our sanity.

And winter will end eventually….


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