Sunday dinner

So in this foray back into blogging I’m going to try something a little different, more day in the life posts versus more topic driven (although there will be those too). I feel like it will be a good motivation to write more, take more pictures, and just keep better track of this period of life (because with two under two it’s all just going to be a sleepless blur of poop and tears one day in my memory, btw if I ever form a band “poop and tears” will be a strong contender for the name).

So in that spirit, yesterday was a nice little holiday season Sunday. This Christmas season has been a little different because with Bobby just now turning a month old plus some really chilly December temperatures (we actually had a snow storm already! Not a normal VA occurrence in December ), we’ve sort of been forced shut ins the last month. We have managed a few outings, mostly to exciting places like Target or Kroger. We also managed to get our act together enough to go to a cidery a couple of weeks ago on a nicer day when we could sit outside and a brewery yesterday (if you don’t think breweries/cideries mix with small children, you would be mistaken.) In fact the brewery we went to on Saturday (Fine Creek in Powhatan) had almost as many tiny patrons as adult ones, it was like a hops scented daycare, but in a good way.

But in general we haven’t been able to do the typical highlight reel of seasonal activities, because A. Newborn B. Germs C. Cold and last but most pressing D. Most christmas activities are at night (light related things) or indoor and civilized (like the Nutcracker or concerts) and our toddler often turns into a terrorist after dark and is by no means civilized.

Because of this necessary hermitude we’ve done a lot of movies (I have every word of Moana and Frozen memorized), a lot of chasing after Ryland as she sprints through the house with fragile Christmas decorations, and for me a lot of baking (nothing like the combo of being trapped inside plus breastfeeding to make a person ready to INHALE some home baked treats).

So long story short, last night we actually had the opportunity to get out of the house and go over to my parents for dinner.

Bobby got his weekly (or sometimes closer to every 10 day) baths. He clearly LOVES baths.

And then we put on our most festive outfits (for the kids at least) and headed out.

My sister and her husband were there with their three kids plus my brother so it was a full and chaotic house. Any family gathering these days means pretty much non stop kid noise and motion. But there’s nothing like a little noise and chaos to make it feel like Christmas ????

My mom made some delicious brisket. Ryland had a ball with her cousins and ended the night naked (my mom also made home made ice cream sandwiches which combined with a 21 month old = forced post dinner strip down). Bobby slept and ate and stared in confusion at the cacophony around him.

All was merry and bright.


Ryland and Bobby with my sweet niece.


You better believe if I put on REAL pants AND makeup and my kids have REAL clothes on and not just a diaper or pajamas, there will be a picture to document it.

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