Three Months


My dear Bobby,

You are officially three months old! That’s a quarter of a year (I’ll forgive you if you didn’t know that, we’re still working on your arithmetic skills).

I told you last month that you were starting to be much more of a baby and much less of a squishy newborn blob (no offense, squishy newborn blobs are adorable) and that transformation has really picked up speed in the last four weeks. You are so much more alert and interactive. You are constantly shocked and surprised by everything around you. You open your eyes wide and squirm and flail and in general act astonished each time you encounter a ceiling fan or brightly colored pillow. The world is clearly coming more and more into focus for you, and you are fascinated by it all.

You also react much more to people and even show some signs of recognition instead of looking at us all like we are scary anonymous giants. You love to watch your crazy sister and smile at her. And she loves you more and more each day. I think she is finally starting to realize you are a human and not just a creepily lifelike doll or hairless dog. And because she sees more and more of your personality, she wants to take care of you. She loves to give you hugs and kisses, even unprompted sometimes. When you cry she wants to give you a blanket or pacifier. And when you really lose it and scream your head off, it deeply, deeply upsets her, and she throws herself on the ground and weeps giant crocodile tears until you calm down.


Tandem napping.
You also give mama and dada lots of smiles now. I am probably imagining it, but sometimes it feels like you save your biggest smiles for me (okay second biggest, the biggest are from gas).

Oh your smile. It’s like a scoop of chocolate ice cream, like Christmas morning, like every happy moment in life condensed into this tiny perfect expression.The best is that you smile thoughtfully. Before you grin, there’s always a brief, very serious moment of concentration that passes across your features, like you are sizing up the situation, figuring out if it merits a smile. And then your entire face changes and turns into a sunbeam, making everything around you brighter and more beautiful.

You do have your cranky moments of course, and this last week has been probably your crankiest period to date (still not as cranky as your sister was at your age). I don’t hold it against you because I know your brain is probably changing and growing like crazy, with thousands of little neurons firing and expanding. That would make anyone a little grouchy.

You have a really excellent pout, and you’ve also really mastered the bottom lip quiver, along with the giant, comically large crocodile tears. You really know how to ramp up the adorable sad factor, like a puppy left out in the rain. It’s a useful life skill, and it will probably serve you well.

You are still spending your nights in the good old rock n’play in our room. And you almost always do awesome, usually only one wake up a night, and sometimes you sleep all the way through (granted you’ll be up at 5am, but I still cant complain). Within the next couple of months we’ll be trying to move you to your nursery, and even though I know it will be a good thing, it will be harder on me than on you to not have you in the room anymore. So for now I’ll soak up being able to wake up anytime at night and look over to see you snuggled and cozy beside me.

You’re still a good and efficient eater, and typically go about 3 hours between feeds during the day. You like your bouncy chair and sometimes your play mat, but hate  tummy time (because you hate it I really have been slacking, and you may or may not have a slightly flat head, whoops, don’t worry we’ll get it sorted out, promise! or you’ll just have a flat head for life, which if so, sorry).

You also like walks and car rides, and are usually quiet and content (and sleeping) when we’re out in public. Despite your recent cranky phase, you’re still overall such a sweet and mellow baby. Sometimes I’ll leave the room while you’re in the bouncy seat or on the playmat, and when I come back you’ve just passed out, like you didn’t want to cause anyone trouble by demanding to be put down in a comfier spot to nap. You’re also one of those babies who will nap in the carseat for hours (also part of the reason you have a slightly flat head, again, whoops). It’s all so different from your sister, and mama can’t thank you enough for giving her a break this time around.

You’ve started to “talk,” lots of coo’s and gah gah’s and strange Chewbacca noises. You clearly are fluent in this strange language and get really peeved that none of your family members can speak it.  It’s really stinking cute.

​You have cheeks for days, chin after chin, and little rolls everywhere. Your eyes are blue and curious. You’ve got a perfect little pouty mouth. Your cute little (flat-ish) head is still mostly bald, so you definitely have the alien/Mr. Clean look going on.

Basically you’re a pretty awesome little dude. Watching you grow more and more alert and interested in the world is so much fun. We all love you a lot and can’t wait to see what’s next.



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