Weekend recapping.

Hey everyone! So sorry it’s been a few days. Any chance I’ve had write lately I’ve tried to squeeze in freelance work, because I have a bunch of pieces I’m working on for various local publications (!). However, I would hate to neglect this space, so I thought I’d pop in for a quick weekend recap, because it was a BIG weekend.

First of all, Ryland turned TWO.


I had and still am having all the feelings about this, more than I thought I would, and her birthday deserves its own, entirely too emotional post, but for now, I’ll just share how we celebrated.

On Friday, we had a super low key birthday dinner with my parents and grandma. Her actual birthday was Saturday, but R was working, so we decided to celebrate a day early (the perk of her turning 2 is that she had no idea of the difference!). My grand theme for her birthday this year was “low stress” (the best theme of all). We ordered pizza. R picked up cupcakes. I hung up a few streamers and put out a festive, plastic tablecloth. It was perfect.

Martha Stewart called, because she’s jealous of my decorating game.

My original plan involved a homemade carrot cake. I made her one last year. Growing up, my mom made me one almost every year. I really wanted it to be our tradition too. And then Friday night, I was staring at the ingredient list, and the multiple steps, and thinking of what my morning would look like if I tried to bake that cake with a 2-year-old and 4 month old. And I did something important that all moms need to do on a regular basis. I decided to be kind and compassionate to myself. In the future, when I don’t have an infant, when Ryland is old enough to help and make memories and understand that I have made her a homemade cake, when I can tell her about the tradition behind it, I will make her that carrot cake. But this year, the only thing it would really do would be to complicate our lives and add stress to the equation. So I let it go. I realized store-bought cupcakes would be just as delicious (or more so, because I am not a professional baker) and that a carrot cake would not add to anyone’s happiness or enjoyment. The end 🙂

As predicted, Ryland was totally happy with a store bought cupcake.


She also loved spending time with her grandma and great grandma (sidebar: she is 1 out of TEN great-grandchildren that belong to my grandma, needless to say, we all realize every day how lucky we are to have her with us and be a part of our kiddos’ lives)


She also was really into a SUPER fancy, hoop-skirted, too cute dress my in-laws sent her. Of course, she insisted on wearing it right then and there. What can I say? Some days she is a total tomboy and wants to eat dirt. Other days she wants to wear a full-fledged Scarlett O’Hara ballgown. She contains multitudes, my sweet girl.


She also LOVED this adorable picnic table my parents gave her. I foresee many a picnic held here.


Saturday we mostly recuperated from the birthday party. However, since it was Ryland’s actual birthday, I felt I should at least do something more special than watch Trolls for the 75th time. Since the weather was gorgeous, we headed to the park (this was my first park solo outing with both babies, 1. because it’s been frigid and 2. because I’m chicken, so I’m pretty proud of myself for the attempt, and on a crowded Saturday afternoon no less!) Ryland LOVES to swing, and that alone made the day a win for her (something tells me I will miss the age where swinging is sufficient for an awesome birthday).

fullsizeoutput_10cb.jpegOn Sunday morning Ryland opened her (super low key, Target dollar section) Easter basket.


And then I dressed Ryland and Bobby in their Easter finest (Bobby’s outfit courtesy of one of my best friends who has given me so many sweet boy clothes, Ryland’s adorable outfit from the Etsy shop Pleats & Stitches).



And then we were off to celebrate with family. It was a MASSIVE gathering, even by my big family’s standards. We counted and there were 57 people there. Ryland lost the Easter egg hunt to her older cousins (she didn’t really understand the concept of egg hunting so was content to wander aimlessly, Ferdinand style, and pick up rocks and flowers as the older kids went full Hunger Games style)


She did manage to find an egg or two with a little help 🙂


Bobby did what Bobby does, stare happily around him and enjoy the attention of the big kids.



Followed by a good nap in the sun.


Both kiddos were totally exhausted by the end of the party and today we’ve pretty much been recovering from all the weekend fun. I hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends filled with food, family, and lots of chocolate candy 🙂 And I hope your Easter bunny was half as cute as ours 😉


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